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It’s time to rethink B2B payments

Traditionally, the B2B payments realm has been one made up of disjointed processes, unconnected systems and prolonged transaction time frames.

With Worldpay B2B Payments from FIS, you can streamline your end-to-end accounting processes and minimize the time from order to cash. Our cloud-based solution integrates with nearly all enterprise payment systems to deliver a seamless and secure experience across any channels and platforms.

Through our deep industry expertise and consulting services, you’ll have access to immediate support to solve any payment, data security or integration challenge.

Benefit in more ways than one

Streamline AR

Simplify your processing and reporting by bringing together your payment systems in one platform. The solution is designed to provide funds sooner, increase acceptance rates and reduce your PCI burden while securing your payments.

Reduce payment costs

By leveraging an industry-leading B2B technology combined with the intelligence of the world’s largest payment processor, you’ll gain worldwide market access and the ability to reduce cost while increasing revenue.

Ensure security

Not only can you provide customers with convenient payment experiences, but you can do it in a way that maximizes your data security and keeps you compliant, without increasing your PCI scope.
Worldpay B2B Payments does all that work for us. We have more time for selling, and we’ve enhanced security.”
- Dennis Culin | Director, Process Engineering and Transformation

Solutions we serve



Oracle validated integrated cloud solutions secure and streamline payment acceptance in the Oracle E-Business Suite. Our Oracle solutions are PCI compliant, processor-neutral and feature patented tokenization technology for open integration and data security.
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SAP integration provides a single platform for all payment acceptance and data security needs in the SAP Enterprise environment. SAP payment processing includes accepting basic electronic payments while ensuring efficiency across multiple systems applications and product components.
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Additional integrations


We provide a broad portfolio of integrations with some of the most respected organizations in the world. By integrating with ERP, eCommerce, IVR, operating systems and other solution providers, you can accelerate deployment, reduce operational costs and be more successful.
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